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Ted Skinner


#12 Summit Racing Equipment Dodge Charger

  • Home State: California
  • Favorite Food: Steak and Baked Potato
  • Hobbies: Drag Racing, Fishing and Camping
  • Personal Website
Ted's Car Ted's Mustang

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Mark Rediker


#7 US Zerex/Exide Ford

  • Home State: Texas
  • Favorite Food: 2" thick Porterhouse and Hashbrown Potatoes
  • Hobbies: Golf, Computers, and Research (Info Junkie)
Mark's Car Ted's Mustang

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Rob Gall


#31 NDE Services Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Rob's Car Rob's GoldWing Rob's Camaro

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Cory Gall


#38 Jagermeister Chevrolet Monte Carlo

  • Home State: Colorado
Cory's Car

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Paul Eigsti


#91 NASA Ford Fusion

  • Home State: Texas
  • Favorite Food: Oriental, Mexican, Seafood, American
  • Hobbies: Flying R/C Helicopters, Administering the WSRL
  • Personal Website
Paul's Car Paul's RC Helicopter Paul with a Boeing 600 Helicopter

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Doug Cox


#25 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Powered by Cox Electric

  • Home State: Colorado
  • Real Racing: Colorado Legends Master #18
  • Personal Website
Doug's Legend Car Doug in the Legend Car Doug driving the Kart Doug's Modified

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Scott Brown


#51 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

  • Home State: Washington
Scott's Car

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Trish Beltrami


#015 Wonder Woman Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Trish's Car

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Bob Beltrami


#20 Ironclad Performance Wear / Body Glove Ford Fusion

Bob's Car KISS Comic Book Racing at Thunderhill

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Bryan Barns

#4 'Ol Blue

  • Home State: ?
  • Born: ?

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